Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Senior Session - Jenna

Well, we got some photos in before the rains came down! We knew that weather was going to be a bit of an issue, but didn't think it would totally shut us down after about an hour. Had a great time with Jenna and got some great photos in that short time. Jenna is a senior at Rochester Century High School.

Early Season Bowhunts

Had some great time in the treestand already this year. It's been a beautiful fall and really a rewarding feeling to sit in a stand over a food plot that you put a lot of hours into with your own hands. I'll admit a sense of pride when I watched a couple deer feeding in the plot.

Had an amazing night on Sunday with dad and Dan Dummer. Setup on the edge of a CRP field between two beanfields. Had seven year and half old bucks file out and spend about an hour sparring out in front of me. All within bow range at some point. There was one tremendous buck that came to the edge of the woods, but didn't step out. All those young bucks scattered towards dusk leaving me to think that the big boy was coming out. But never showed. Dan sat in a ground blind in the middle of all this too. Dad had great action around him too with two 10-point shooters running around him.

Really a great night and gets me really jacked for the next month or so of being out.