Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Pawlenty's

Great photos of some great looking kids. Luckily it was just warm enough to get outside for a few minutes before Kailynn's nose started running too much!!

Lexi's Six Monther

Wow, I can't believe how fast six months can go!?!?! It seems like just yesterday I was shooting Lexi's newborn photos!! She is growing up so I sound like a parent of two now, or what!??!

Got some great photos that coincide with the holiday season. Really cute!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Scheif Family

Just had a great time in Northfield with the Schleif's. Peter is a new teacher with me this year and I swear we lived a different life together somewhere!! We have so much in common and really have shared a lot of laughs already this fall.

We went up to the new science building at St. Olaf College and shot some candid/hangouts with the family. Absolutely great natural lighting through the huge windows and Isaac was a real character!! Loves the camera!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More MN Snow

More snow here last night. Probably about 6 inches. Enough that we didn't have school today!! yea!

I have been watching the east hillside above the river from my house the last few nights and really see the deer leaving the timber and heading south to the stripped standing corn a couple hundred yards to the south. I have seen one good shooter buck in a group of 10-15 consistently. So I finally got out tonight and hung a stand on the SW corner of the timber.

It was cold and still. About 14 degrees that you could really feel once the sun went down. A bald eagle flew in and circled just above me right at sunset which was very cool. And then they came.
That group of 10-15 came east of me through the timber. I was hoping that they would be upwind of me on the CRP field side. They got to the east of me and I think the lead doe caught my profile against the western sky. I had snow camo on, but still a probably dark solid object in that evening sky. She snorted and stomped for about 1o minutes while the others milled around just out of shooting range. Finally they all made their way east up the hillside and back into the woods.

It was a great night of sitting in a quiet stand though. I haven't had too many of those and really cherished this one tonight.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Senior Session - Tommy R

Had a great time in the cold air with Tommy. He is a senior at Eagan High School and came down to meet me in Cannon Falls. We have been playing photo session tag all fall and finally got the chance to hook up.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Watson Family

A really quick pre-Thanksgiving session with our neighbors the Watson's and their family. It was great to capture some family photos, but great to spend some time with our great friends.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Norma & Craig's Wedding

Just a wonderful conclusion to a 2008 wedding season with Norma and Craig at Stonebrooke Golf Club in Shakopee, MN. It was a chilly, late fall day at a beautiful location. We got some shots outside, but planned them out first as it was no place to be standing around while I was experimenting!

It was a really short ceremony and a great social evening. I had the chance to visit with so many great people throughout the night. Including my friend and former student Steph McGhie. Steph and her boyfriend, Chad were the ones that tipped Norma and Craig off to me and my photography. It was great to meet Chad and catch up with Steph too. Thanks for the referral because Norma and Craig couldn't have been easier to work with. What a great day.

Thanks to everyone who trusted me with their wedding photography this season. I am reminded at how blessed I am to be trusted with such a big day in your lives. I hope the work has done justice for you all as to how special YOUR day was.

Thanks much and please enjoy some of Norma and Craig's photos!