Saturday, June 30, 2007

John Deere

So let me tell you about farming, Grandma Debbie!! I was so happy to be home for a day and go to the farm. I wore my John Deere hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. My head fits into it a lot better now.

We got home from camp on Friday evening, did some laundry, went to the farm today while daddy shot a wedding in Rochester and now we're leaving again tomorrow morning for Deer Lake for the week. I can hardly wait.

We won't have the internet to blog on, but we'll keep some notes so that I can get on next weekend when we get back. I am sure daddy will take a couple photos while we're gone!!

I put a couple more photos in the Latest Photos gallery too!! Have a great week!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

FFA Camp

Let me just say this right off...I am much more content in almost all I do if I am outside! Mommy, daddy and I are at Deep Portage for FFA Camp this week. We are off in the middle of the north woods and I am loving it! We have been on lots of hikes and seen many critters. Saw my first buck deer today. In fact, during my fussy time, a quick stroll outside seems to calm me right down. This evening I settled down after that walk and no more than two steps back inside the building, I started crying again! Daddy took me on a walk down to the lake where we talked to the loons for about 45 minutes...that was the trick. We are having a fun time and there are plenty of kids here to pay attention to me too. It's really nice that mommy, daddy and I can all be here together.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Back Home at the Farm

This was the end of a busy week which included my first out-of-state trip! I went to Aurora, Nebraska with mommy and the MN FFA State Officer Team. It was a lot of fun and I got lots of attention from everyone. Mommy really appreciated all the help that everyone gave me.
Daddy was home alone with Sogn all week and really missed me, but atleast we're home safe and sound. Today we went and took Hans and Rachel's engagement photos (see their gallery in the client area) and then stopped at the farm for a bit. G'pa Don took out the pedal tractor for me and I wore my new boots from Al and Coty Lund! They are sweet! I can see myself tearing around on that tractor real soon (not to mention the big boys tractors!!). I also updated my corn growing season photos which are in the My Latest Gallery.
Tonight we went to Sarah & Ken's wedding reception and then sent off G'ma, G'pa, Eric, Kecia and Sogn who were off to Deer Lake. We get to join them next week!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Vacation

Gpa Gary finally got to hold me again! He was gone on a fishing trip this week, but had a bad cold before that so tried to keep his distance. I have put on some pounds in the past couple weeks too!

We stayed at the farm last night and I slept so good. We went to church this morning and I slept all the way through that too. Went to Gma and Gpa's and took a good nap. We went to Matt Deedrick's graduation open house (slept). Daddy and I tried to watch the basketball game (slept). Come to think of it, I slept almost all day today!!

Now daddy and I are awake at 11PM working on the blog because I am feeling like staying up for a while! But did I mention how good it felt to sleep all day!!?!

It's the first day of summer vacation tomorrow and I am all rested up and ready to go!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day...our first one! Mommy got me this cool hunting outfit so that I can go out with dad. Until I get a little older though, hunting is going to make me a little sleepy, I think!! I also got daddy a couple great books to read to me and a digital photo frame to display all of these crazy photos.

We went to church (slept) and mommy made french toast when we got home. It was another really hot day, so I pretty much stayed inside. Daddy and I watched the US Open and Twins game from the couch. I got pretty cranky in the afternoon with an upset tummy though. While dad was changing my diaper, I spit up all over the place. Then while he was cleaning that up, I went pee all over the wall!! Personally, I thought it was kind of funny!!

Tonight, mommy and I are getting ready for my first out of state trip. We are going to an FFA event in Nebraska tomorrow morning.

We are also trying to figure out my fussiness lately. It seems like something is always hurting out of the blue and mommy and daddy kept thinking I had a tummy ache. Now mommy just told me that my excessive drooling and newfound liking to sucking on my hand are signs of teeth coming in!! Typically doesn't happen yet, but we read that it can happen as early as 10 weeks...guess who just turned ten weeks on Friday...ME!! Daddy just left to go get a new toothbrush!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Lodermeiers

It has been a busy week for me and mommy. We were in Detroit Lakes for a FFA Conference Tuesday until Thursday. Daddy stayed at home to do basketball stuff and we really missed him. Today we spent some good rest time at home. We met my buddy Noah and his parents (my Godparents) for supper in Waconia. Noah and I were the center of attention at a pretty nice restaurant called The Green Room. I don't think they have too much for clientel like us!! After supper we went and had ice cream down the street. It was a fun time. Here is a shot of me, Noah, Daddy and Chris at the ice cream place.
On our way home we stopped in to see Tom, Nona, Clara and CeCe Nesseth. It was a nice time except for my fussy hour! I finally calmed down, but the girls were just getting ready for bed. Mommy and Daddy were thankful to see Tom and Nona for a little while though. It rained really hard on the way home and while I was going to bed, daddy wiped down the inside of the truck which was in the driveway with open windows all evening...did I mention how hard it was raining!?!?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Farm

Went to the farm for part of the weekend. As always, it was really fun to see Gma, Gpa, Aunt Linds, Aunt Jess and Uncle Joey. Mommy, Daddy and I went for a ride on the Gator out to check the cornfields too. It was a great ride. We took my photo standing in the corn and we'll have to see who gets taller this summer...I bet the corn will win!! We also went down to see Gma Carol for a little while too. We went shopping with Aunt Amy and I got a new Baby Bjorn and a Jonnny JumpUp for this summer!!
I had a pretty good night's sleep too...must have been all the fresh air.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Tummy Time

Here I am doing some "Tummy TIme"...which let me make sure to mention that I HATE!! Daddy caught me without making my head turning purple from a loud scream! I do it everyday though to make my neck muscles more strong. I can move my head around pretty good on my own now.

We went back to the doctor today to have my head looked at. It has a little lopsidedness to it, but nothing too serious. We have some exercises that will get me looking both ways which will really help.

My friend Mekhi Picker stopped over today too. There is a photo of us in the other gallery. He is almost 2 months older than me.

Daddy finished out the school year at Lakeville South yesterday and has already moved some stuff down to his new office in Kenyon. We are just trying to sell our house so that we can move. Someday I will have to hear the whole story about leaving Lakeville. I know that KW is going to be the place for me though!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Trip to the Doctor

I am such a tough guy! I had my two month shots today at the doctor...four of em to be exact. They didn't really feel all that great, but I only cried for a few seconds. I was definitely growing too. I now weigh 10 pounds 11 ounces and am just about 24 inches long. That puts me in the 50% height and 25% weight class. Just like my dad, my head was in the 75% range. Get me a 7 1/2" hat for sure!! They also took some Xrays of my skull to see how the sutures were fusing. I slept through the whole thing as daddy held me. I felt pretty good most of the evening, but really got a good fever going during the night. They say that's pretty normal though!

We had a nice weekend too. Went to some graduation open houses on Sunday. Went to Michael Schwanke's in Lakeville, Drew Lundberg's in Owatonna and then finished out the loop with all my friends in Sogn Valley at Trevor Maring's. Get ready class of I come!!