Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day...our first one! Mommy got me this cool hunting outfit so that I can go out with dad. Until I get a little older though, hunting is going to make me a little sleepy, I think!! I also got daddy a couple great books to read to me and a digital photo frame to display all of these crazy photos.

We went to church (slept) and mommy made french toast when we got home. It was another really hot day, so I pretty much stayed inside. Daddy and I watched the US Open and Twins game from the couch. I got pretty cranky in the afternoon with an upset tummy though. While dad was changing my diaper, I spit up all over the place. Then while he was cleaning that up, I went pee all over the wall!! Personally, I thought it was kind of funny!!

Tonight, mommy and I are getting ready for my first out of state trip. We are going to an FFA event in Nebraska tomorrow morning.

We are also trying to figure out my fussiness lately. It seems like something is always hurting out of the blue and mommy and daddy kept thinking I had a tummy ache. Now mommy just told me that my excessive drooling and newfound liking to sucking on my hand are signs of teeth coming in!! Typically doesn't happen yet, but we read that it can happen as early as 10 weeks...guess who just turned ten weeks on Friday...ME!! Daddy just left to go get a new toothbrush!!

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