Tuesday, June 26, 2007

FFA Camp

Let me just say this right off...I am much more content in almost all I do if I am outside! Mommy, daddy and I are at Deep Portage for FFA Camp this week. We are off in the middle of the north woods and I am loving it! We have been on lots of hikes and seen many critters. Saw my first buck deer today. In fact, during my fussy time, a quick stroll outside seems to calm me right down. This evening I settled down after that walk and no more than two steps back inside the building, I started crying again! Daddy took me on a walk down to the lake where we talked to the loons for about 45 minutes...that was the trick. We are having a fun time and there are plenty of kids here to pay attention to me too. It's really nice that mommy, daddy and I can all be here together.

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