Sunday, June 28, 2009

Angela & Jason's Wedding (UPDATED)

If you've been here, you've seen the video, but now the post is finally updated with some photos!! These are just a few from this wonderful day with Jason and Angela. I was fortunate to shoot Angela's sister Betsey's wedding with John (Garvey) last summer and this one was another great day with the Witt Family in Northfield.

I felt that the photos really captured what was a great celebration of lives together for these two. They grew up as childhood friends on the same street and finally wandered back together many years later. A true storybook ending.

My best to you two. I can't wait for our Trash the Dress session coming up. Everyone stay tuned!

More of their photos from the day are in their wedding area on my website. Check them out there!!

Angela's sister, Betsey made all the jewelry for both Angela and the bridesmaids. Very, very elegant. Email her if you are interested in seeing some more of her work.

Photos are on their way!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Marcella & Ryan's Wedding

Or should I say "Roy"!?!?! Haha...when we first met last summer, I thought Ryan introduced himself as Roy. He is so soft spoken and polite that he didn't say anything until later in the conversation when he corrected me...still makes me laugh to this day!!

What a fabulous day with these guys, their families and friends.

It was HOT. Sunny and HOT.

Bad news when I rolled into church (same church Leah and I were married in)...there is like the Super Ultra Town of Zumbrota Mega-Festival going on! That's right...all the streets and most importantly the park across from the church where I REALLY wanted to shoot were filled with people selling trinkets and crafts, eating things off of sticks and running loud generators!

My top notch student Katelyn came along for part of the day as well and was a big help. Holding reflectors, changing batteries, etc. Took a load off me for sure!!

We made do and got some great photos!! There are more photos in the proof area Quick Picks gallery on the website too.


Friday, June 19, 2009

The Nebraska Week

We've had an eventful week here in Nebraska. The main bullet points:

  • Cameron has thrown up 6 times and hasn't been himself all week.
  • He has made the name change from "daddy" and "mommy" to "dad" and "mom". Much to "mommy's" dismay and sadness.
  • Emerson has continued to smile and eat everything in sight. Labecca definitely has the best tasting business cards.
  • We survived the tornado on Wednesday night. It actually never even rained on our side of town, but the west side got destroyed. See the previous post.
  • Cameron has asked all week to "go home to my yellow house"
  • We have made countless trips out to the cornfield/fire hydrant to check the bird baths (puddles) along the way.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nebraska Tornado

What a night we had on our trip in Nebraska!! We are staying in the small town of Aurora, NE for a national FFA event.

Your typical very humid still evening turned pretty crazy pretty quick. The event center we're in is on the east side of town right on HWY 34 which runs east/west through town. We got word that there was a tornado warning in our area and be prepared to take cover. We had just put the kids to bed and thought we would just keep an eye on things. While I was taking photos of the birds on the wire in the lightning, word came that there was a tornado on the ground just west of town heading down HWY 34.

We got the kids out of bed and took cover in an interior conference room since there was no basement.

We had the weather radio going and they were talking about the tornado moving along HWY 34 right towards town. Pretty scary stuff.

We had the kids tucked under the table and Cameron never woke up through the whole thing!

The next morning I drove out and snapped a few photos before the Nebraska Highway Patrol yelled at me. A freight train was turned over as well as the damage that you see here. Pretty amazing to see the path that the tornado left through the cornfield.