Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nebraska Tornado

What a night we had on our trip in Nebraska!! We are staying in the small town of Aurora, NE for a national FFA event.

Your typical very humid still evening turned pretty crazy pretty quick. The event center we're in is on the east side of town right on HWY 34 which runs east/west through town. We got word that there was a tornado warning in our area and be prepared to take cover. We had just put the kids to bed and thought we would just keep an eye on things. While I was taking photos of the birds on the wire in the lightning, word came that there was a tornado on the ground just west of town heading down HWY 34.

We got the kids out of bed and took cover in an interior conference room since there was no basement.

We had the weather radio going and they were talking about the tornado moving along HWY 34 right towards town. Pretty scary stuff.

We had the kids tucked under the table and Cameron never woke up through the whole thing!

The next morning I drove out and snapped a few photos before the Nebraska Highway Patrol yelled at me. A freight train was turned over as well as the damage that you see here. Pretty amazing to see the path that the tornado left through the cornfield.

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come home to the valley and be safe

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