Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Midway A/V Design/Condominiums

Did some really cool work today with Midway which is a company that works under Hunt Electric in Minneapolis. They specialize in home audio/video design and installation. We went around to a number of the trendiest, contemporary condominiums in northeast Minneapolis.

Really great to meet some very interesting and kind folks along the way. Got a great bottle of wine from Jim, who undoubtedly has forgotten more about wine that I will ever know. His great place in the Cobalt Condominiums was very contemporary with ultra clean lines and great views from all directions.

Also had Walter the cat make his presence a part of our shoot with Diego and Sharon at the Phoenix on the River Condos. A very photogenic feline, I might add. He did some of the best posing I've shot in recent memory!! Of course he knew to pose in front of the television on the wall!

I really look forward to our next shoot with Midway. There are more shots from today's shoot here. It was great to reconnect with Sarah and spend time with her and Chad in such cool places.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh too bad our new Hunt side isn't up yet! A few more days! Midway Technology Solutions is

AWESOME job Matt, I'm so happy with how they turned out! Walter did great!


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt. You are right...These condos are spectacular! Great shots and great design ideas... Kudos to the designer and the photographer! Great to see you today! Miss Leah & the kidos!