Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Brynn

I gotta admit it...I am a little prejudice here. This is my brand new niece and I am pretty proud. I am also the default family photographer I guess, but these shots are awesome!! She is the first child to my baby sister Amy and her husband Kevin. As you can see, Cameron is a pretty proud older cousin too!! He is adding a few more cousins before his new brother or sister comes in October. Enough of me babbling like a overbearing proud uncle. I guess I WILL BE or AM that weird uncle that always has his camera out!!

Here are a bunch more shots of baby Brynn.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Yetzer Family

Had this one on the calendar for over a year to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Don and Eileen Yetzer. They are originally from Lakeville, MN but now reside in New Mexico. Family came from around the country to celebrate this great occasion at the Legends Golf Course in Prior Lake.

Got a few big group shots as the group kept growing and growing and then got some great candids of the kids. Can you tell which of the family members was the only one who wasn't present and was photoshopped in? Thanks to Carly for taking and emailing me the photos. Light was a little funky, but hopefully passed inspection.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Schoenfelder Family

Just had a wonderful time with the Schoenfelders! I hate to admit it as it makes me feel old, but these are two former students (from the absolute beginning of my career of course)!! They have such a beautiful family and I was so happy to work with them. They came down the Valley to my place and we took a good walk. We have so many wonderful places to shoot around here that wherever you point the camera you've got great backdrop. It was later in the evening and though hot, we got some great light.

One interesting aside to this shoot: Cameron my 16 month old son was in my backpack for the entire shoot. Had some thing fall through for supervision that night!! haha. He loves that pack and was a real trooper! I think that Kyra and Preston looked at him quite a bit too.

Here are some more shots of their beautiful family!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Lexi

Had a great session with three week old Lexi yesterday. She was such a little doll and so patient and well behaved. Shooting infants can be a challenge sometimes because of their unpredictability...eat?...sleep?...cry?...throw up?...repeat!!! Lexi did a little of all of those, but provided me ample time to get some great shots.

I was reminded of how precious this time is for new parents. This was the first really, really young newborn I have been around in a while and brought back so many great memories. These are just simply times that you'll never get back and I was fortunate to help them capture some of those moments of Lexi's. It got me kind of excited for October and the arrival of Addington Baby #2!! Until then my sister will have her baby this week, sister in law in less than a month and brother and sister in law in about 5 weeks. Gonna be a baby explosion around here and I just suspect a few of the photos will make the blog!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Clint+Jamie's Wedding

Here is just a sneek peek at a few from Jamie and Clint's awesome day in Winnebago, MN. These guys are so great together and we had such a wonderful day. From the moment that Clint first saw Jamie in the sanctuary, they was just a sparkle about them the whole day. We had great weather and a wonderful wedding party. The families have known eachother for a long time and both farm in south central Minnesota. It was one of those "meant to be" stories.

The reception was in Delavan, MN at the old high school. Really a cool setting and there were lots of laughs and good times.

Here is where the Jones' wedding galleries are going to be located. There are a few there now!!