Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Schoenfelder Family

Just had a wonderful time with the Schoenfelders! I hate to admit it as it makes me feel old, but these are two former students (from the absolute beginning of my career of course)!! They have such a beautiful family and I was so happy to work with them. They came down the Valley to my place and we took a good walk. We have so many wonderful places to shoot around here that wherever you point the camera you've got great backdrop. It was later in the evening and though hot, we got some great light.

One interesting aside to this shoot: Cameron my 16 month old son was in my backpack for the entire shoot. Had some thing fall through for supervision that night!! haha. He loves that pack and was a real trooper! I think that Kyra and Preston looked at him quite a bit too.

Here are some more shots of their beautiful family!!

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