Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Lexi

Had a great session with three week old Lexi yesterday. She was such a little doll and so patient and well behaved. Shooting infants can be a challenge sometimes because of their unpredictability...eat?...sleep?...cry?...throw up?...repeat!!! Lexi did a little of all of those, but provided me ample time to get some great shots.

I was reminded of how precious this time is for new parents. This was the first really, really young newborn I have been around in a while and brought back so many great memories. These are just simply times that you'll never get back and I was fortunate to help them capture some of those moments of Lexi's. It got me kind of excited for October and the arrival of Addington Baby #2!! Until then my sister will have her baby this week, sister in law in less than a month and brother and sister in law in about 5 weeks. Gonna be a baby explosion around here and I just suspect a few of the photos will make the blog!!

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