Friday, September 26, 2008

New Website Look

Well it's finally done. As testament to the truly pathetic social life I lead, I was sitting the dark unfinished back room of a 120 year old creamery in the middle of the quiet Friday night finishing up the final touches on the new website. And maybe you even got to the blog through the site!?!

It's got an opening splash page which gives you some options: The New Site (cool), the old site (still love Smugmug), The Blog (here you are) and The Proofs (your photos). The new site has got a contemporary, professional look. More serving as a display than for functionality. The proofing part of the site I did through a new company called Photo Cart. That's the more functional place and where existing clients will spend more time. I went this way because I really want to have the tangible photos in my hand when it is my craft. This is my artwork and I want to personally deliver the prints that matter. Smugmug is great for fulfilling orders, but I never get to see the final product. They have done a wonderful job in the 3+ years I have been using them, but I just needed to make the art more my own. I will still use them for some galleries and a place to back up photos for sure!

Well, check it out if you haven't been there. It was nice to have some feedback via Facebook only a few minutes after the site went live...encouraging that there are some more of you out there that sit at a computer on a Friday night!!

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