Monday, February 2, 2009

Kaleb & Lindsey's Wedding

What a wonderful Minnesota day in January!! We just don't get many of these here and considering that that temp hadn't been above freezing in the New Year, this was a perfect day. It got to about 40 degrees and was just wonderful. Even more wonderful was Kaleb and Lindsey's wedding. They have just awesome families, great friends and are perfect together. They both looked fabulous and made my job so easy.

The wedding was in Brooklyn Center and the reception at the beautiful Bayview on Lake Minnetonka. We stopped at a few places in between, but none more special than a get together at the Beach's home in Maple Grove! Got some great shots in the backyard as the sun was going down.

I was again reminded what a special job I have. I am humbled how I am included in such special moments in people's lives and hope that I have again done justice to capturing those moments for Kaleb and Lindsey!

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