Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Favorite Things

Gosh, I just don't spend enough time blogging about MY favorite things in the world. Everyone says the day will come soon when "these days" are gone. Why can't I just slow down enough to really enjoy them!??!

Emerson is starting to walk. She takes about three or four steps and then goes back to walking on her knees...which she just seems to love. Then when she really has to GO, she's back to the power crawl. She loves attention and really doesn't like it when you're not in the room looking at/talking to her!

Cameron is just a big brother that loves his little sister. We have been talking about being a "big boy" lately. Big boys: Take care of their sister, say their prayers at night, eat their supper, clean up their messes, stop and listen when adults talk to them, go potty on the potty chair. Stuff like that. We just need to keep reminding him of those things!!

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