Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Latest from The Valley

Well amidst all this snow piling up I was feeling a bit like there were piles of untold stories about what's happening in our world here in Sogn Valley. Our kids are growing up quickly and changing like crazy. Leah is even blogging now, so atleast one of us keeps a little update. Check out her blog Sogn Valley Mom.

We had a wonderful Christmas and really got to be home quite a bit. More than ever in my life, that is the place that I most want to be. It was nice to have time off from school and a relatively slow photography schedule outside of work on the computer.

Emerson is walking everywhere now and just basically follows her brother around and does whatever he does. Her personality is really starting to shine now and she is mumbling all her own language all the time. She clearly knows what she is talking about, but we just smile and talk along with her.

Cameron is working on his potty training and is loving to play on his new train table (which Emerson climbs all over) and is looking forward to his using his new "glub" (baseball glove) this spring. He talks about playing catch with his best buddy Kevin Slowey next time he comes over. He loves to watch the deer, turkeys, pheasants and "Jumpy" the squirrel out the window. We've all had some fun times out in the snow this past month as we have gotten a ton of it. Even mixed a couple snow days in there!

We've just been blessed to be able to be in this place together and the best of life's times are just hanging out together.

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