Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well the good news is that much to mommy and daddy's relief, I am starting to eat better now. I am getting used to my spoon and definitely have my favorites. Yogurt and applesauce are right up there. I also love banana puffs which are kind of like alpha bits cereal.

We traveled up to Andover to Son and Pat's house for a little Thanksgiving meal and as you can see with Uncle Kevin and Gma Carol, I got to sample quite a bit of stuff. In fact, scratch my favorites I just mentioned...I now love jello with whipped cream as my top choice!! And it gives me plenty of energy!

After having a great time there, we stopped at Eric and Kecia's for while. Kecia's parents, Gma, brother and sister were there too. And Eric and Kecia got a new puppy. Her name is Lucy and she is just about my size. I will get some photos of the two of us in "my latest photos" gallery.

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