Thursday, January 10, 2008


I went to the doctor today for my 9 month check up. It went really well and Dr. Westlund was happy with how I was turning out. I weighed 18 pounds 4 oz which was only in the 10-25% range, but she considered my sickness I had this last week and wasn't too worried. I have moved up into the 50% range for height and was still in the 75-90% for head size!! I got a couple more shots too...cried for a couple seconds and that was it!!

With my mouth filling up with teeth now I get my teeth brushed once in a while. I have my own brush and it goes on the holder right next to mommy and daddy's big toothbrushes! I don't use any toothpaste yet though.

We had a couple showings at our house so mommy did a lot of work to get things cleaned up and looking good....and I was A BIG HELP!!

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