Sunday, January 27, 2008

Trip to the Mall

We had a big day around here. Went to church and then mom, dad and I went to the mall. Got out the stroller and everthing! I am pretty sure that it was mommy's idea, but we all had a good time. We kinda rolled around a lot, looked in a number of stores and ate lunch in the food court. I had a great breadstick from Sbarro!

When we got home, Gma and Gpa Addington stopped by on their way home from a little shopping extravaganza as well. It was nice to see them and like usual, I was REALLLLLLY excited. Sogn and I both wrestle for the most attention from Gma.

Tonight, in the spirit of newfound adventure, freedom and "you can't keep your eyes off me anymore"...I shut my fingers in the drawer on that same endtable I was stuck in yesterday. They hurt for a bit, but I am tough guy...I got through it. No real good nap today, so I was pretty tired tonight.

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