Friday, August 15, 2008

Where Have I Been!??!?!

Is this a sign that it's summer or is my daddy just too busy to help me update my blog??? What's up with that???

It has been a wonderful summer and instead of trying to give you every detail, I am just going to pick up where we are now.

Here's the quick synopsis (big word for a little guy):

I walk or run everywhere now. Crawling is SOOOOOO first year!!

I pretty much try to say every word that you ask me to. Be careful.

I have three more cousins all in the last month.
Brynn (Amy & Kevin), Peyton (Jess & Joey) and Harper (Eric & Kecia).
I am a pretty good older cousin and I like to give them kisses and hugs.

I love to say "hi mommy and hi daddy" all the time!!

Still in love with tractors, trucks, cows and bucks. Always looking for them and talking about them all the time!!

Had a great time at Deer Lake and Trout Lake for a couple weeks. Spent some time at FFA camp too.

I love living the country where I can see all my favorite things (see above) all the time.

These photos are from our little getaway to the Schwanke's cabin on Crane Lake in extreme northern Minnesota. We had such a wonderful time with our special friends in such a special place in this world. I even went into Canada. I am so worldly!! It was a quick trip, but really a great time before things get busy with the state fair.

I promise that I will be back more often. I hope I didn't lose too many of my "fans".

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