Thursday, November 6, 2008

West RIver SD Bowhunt

Well here we are actually blogging during the daylight in Meade County, South Dakota...I love the wireless network card about now otherwise Cory and I would just be sitting here looking at each other.

I left home yesterday morning about 4:45AM, got to Ideal Yardware in Sioux Falls about 8:30 and headed west with Cory. We coasted (literally) into the gas station in Mitchell as we had run out of gas about a half mile earlier on I90.

We got to the Weiss Ranch about 3PM in the rain, sleet and horrific winds. We trekked out and walked the south creek into the wind and got into quite a few mulies, one nice buck, but nothing close enough to shoot. Rain had now turned to snow and I dropped my quiver and arrows somewhere on the creek and went back and couldn't find it. Slowly drove over to Roger and Kendra's house and hunkered down.

And here we are...12 inches of snow, 46 mph winds (gusting to 60+) and blinding conditions. We tried two times today to get out and walk, but couldn't even get out of the driveway. Got stuck, pulled it out with the tractor and went to drive around but couldn't see the road.

I guess we could be camping...

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