Monday, March 16, 2009


Just had a great "spring" day with Brayton and Liz for their wedding. It was the breakthrough of some nice weather (finally) here in MN. It was in the 50's actually!!

The wedding was in New Market, MN at St. Nicolas' Catholic Church. A beautiful, classic, huge church that provided some great visuals.

The reception was at one of my favorite spots, in one of my favorite towns...Northfield, MN. The reception was at The Grand. A restored 120 year old theater.

We had a fabulous day and got some great photos. Check them out here on the blog or on the Matt Addington Facebook Page as well!!


Megan said...


Liz and Brayton. Your wedding pictures are great, but where are the other ones with me and Hope in em"?

Megan H

Matt Addington said...

Hi Megan! Thanks for checking them out already. These are just a quick sampling of the over 1000 photos that I took. The photo of you and Hope will be out there soon.