Saturday, March 21, 2009

NDSU vs Kansas

I played photographer for about 2 minutes during a timeout. The rest of the time I was the proud HS Coach of the game's star, Ben Woodside. It was a great run for the Bison and they gave the Jayhawks all they could handle. Woody again proved to the nation that he is one of the best. Way to go, buddy.

Just a little sample of the "homecourt advantage" the Bison had!


troutbirder said...

My son is a NDSU graduate and since my Gophers faded at the end I was all hyped up for the Bison too. Trout season opens soon here in the southeast. I can't wait.

Robin One Photography said...

i am not a true basketball girl, but i watched this game! incredibly proud of albert lea's own, ben woodside!