Friday, August 10, 2007

Goodhue County Fair

My first county fair!! Mommy, Daddy and I went yesterday to the Goodhue County Fair to watch all the Sviggum kids show their pigs. It was a great time. I got passed around between everyone and Dick took me for a big walk to show me the whole fair. I think I fell asleep though right after seeing the tractors. Dick started explaining to me the whole concept of four-wheel assist and I just fell asleep. He seemed pretty excited about it though...maybe someday I will want to know more. We have some more photos from gallery here in this gallery. We also got to help Gma out in the malt booth. It was really hot out and it seemed like everyone wanted one. Mommy and daddy jumped in to help (and eat a malt of course!!).

Mommy and I stayed overnight again at the farm and daddy went home to do some more senior photos. He came back now though so we are hanging at the farm!

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