Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Love Mommy

I love my mommy!!!

We took some other really really good photos of me here!

We had a nice weekend after getting home from the farm yesterday. It was another sports milestone day as i watched my favorite golfer, Tiger Woods win his 13th major championship today winning the PGA. I kind of have a little crush on his new daughter, Sammy too. She was pretty cute. This comes in the wake of Barry Bonds hitting his 756th career home run last week amidst lots of steroid controversy. Either way, it was a big record to be broken.

We went to church today and then got a few things done around home. It finally cooled of a bit so we also went for a long walk tonight too. Sogn really liked that!! We grilled chicken tonight and I sat on the patio with daddy and manned the grill. That was fun.

Not much else new, I guess. I just enjoy laying on my activity blanket, swinging in my swing or being held. I have a high SCF (Suck & Chew Factor) with most things I could get my hands on. Fingers, toys, pacifier, blankets...whatever is within range of my little arms and hands.

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