Thursday, August 16, 2007

Working With Daddy

What a busy day of work today! I got a lot done with mommy on one computer and sat in my Bombo chair on the desk and helped daddy. I helped them both out as they are getting stuff ready for the State Fair. That starts in one short week!

Today was another milestone day for me. I tried FORMULA for the first time. I liked it sooooo much that I gagged, coughed, kicked, cried and screamed everytime daddy and mommy stuck the bottle in my mouth!! No, they were not screams of joy because I had added another lukewarm beverage to my repertoire...I HATED IT!!! I want the same old stuff I've always had! Daddy is now trying to figure out how to return an expensive, unsealed jar of formula mix to Target.

This pathetic attempt at feeding formula was a result of going to the doctor this week for my 4-month check up. Everything looked great and Dr. Westlund said to start some formula and rice cereal. Maybe I will like the rice cereal!

I weighed 14lbs 6oz and was 24" long...growing nicely. I was in the 50% for height and weight and my head size was 75%...just a big brain, right!??!

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