Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playing on the Floor

It's really been a great couple days at home with Cameron. We've had fun playing and I seem to have been laying on the floor a lot!! Amidst this, I have gotten a lot of work done too. I had (have) a lot of catching up to do, but am getting there.

I found some really, really interesting plugins to simplify and streamline my workflow IMMENSELY. After a session, besides processing photos, I do a lot to try and share that recent work. The workflow would be something like this:

  1. import files into Lightroom (LR),
  2. flag some quick picks,
  3. process those photos,
  4. (LR) export them for blog,
  5. upload/blog photos,
  6. (LR) export photos for Facebook,
  7. upload/tag on profile page,
  8. upload/tag on Facebook Page,
  9. (LR) export photos for Flickr,
  10. upload to Flickr,
  11. add photos to groups in Flickr,
  12. then ultimately revisit the entire shoot in Lightroom and start processing and fine tuning all the photos and upload low res files to my proof galleries. Needless to say, I was spending a lot of time to share a small sampling of photos after each shoot.
I knew there had to be a better, more efficient way of doing all this and tonight I found it. I have used some plugins for Lightroom developed by Timothy Armes called the Mogrify plugins. These have been immensely helpful in my exporting functions allowing me to resize, watermark, batch process very easily. I added plugins tonight that will in the same function export those files to Flickr, Facebook and my blog ALL WITHIN LIGHTROOM. Much thanks to Jeffrey Friedl who is another amazing code writer on stuff like this. I can actually make galleries, add to groups, and write blog entries right in Lightroom. It's going to be such a timesaver for me.

So ultimately I can lay on the floor more with Cameron!

I also did a little research on where are this photo sharing/promotion is going. I never really know if people are reading my blog, but I can see that it's being viewed in several countries. Pretty cool to get your info, photos and thoughts out there beyond your own little world. I also found some great news from my Facebook Page recently. The numbers of fans has kind of exploded in recent weeks and I now have fans in 14 countries!! I also have an ad running that was shown on almost 65,000 Facebook pages just this week.

Thanks for stopping by, viewing work, reading, and commenting. It makes all the effort worthwhile for me. Drop me a comment here sometime to say hello.
I hope you enjoy the experience.

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