Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is Twitter Taking Over the World

I have been on Twitter for a couple years now but I am becoming increasingly more amazed each day to the level that it's filtering into every corner of our society. I signed up and didn't really tweet much, just kinda had an account and lurked around a bit. I mean, my gosh I am following the leader of the free world! Facebook status updates kept me up to speed with those around me and I left it at that.

I keep trying to have the foresight to see what it's role will be in another six months/1 year/5 years. At some point it/they will have to try and mesh it with capitalism, huh?? It just can't stay free for this long! No doubt it's been a great tool for those in business and industry. The media is absolutely gorging on it as well.

Anyway, how many of you are actively using it? What for? What do you enjoy about it? I am just curious. I have thrown it out to my Facebook friends and fans on Matt Addington Photography as well...

Facebook AND/OR Twitter...Tweet me and let me know:

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