Friday, May 18, 2007

Hazel & Filbert

Lots of people have been asking where I have been lately on the blog. Well, let me just say that it's hard to type when I am screaming and crying my eyes out! Yep, it's been a long week as I have gotten my first cold along with a little growth spurt at the same time. I have a period from about 6:30PM until 10:00 when I just can't get myself comfortable and that's when daddy and I usually work on the blog.

So it's good to be back!! Here I am with mommy's aunt Lori and our friends Hazel and Filbert. Mommy had some friends over tonight for a little spa party. They rubbed oils and lotions and put funny things over their eyes. Daddy and I watched from a distance and kind of chuckled when they covered up their eyes with those things! I am sure it felt good though. It was also nice for mommy to have some time to relax with her friends. Daddy and I hung out and cried!

Like I said, this week was a long one. I have been taking a bottle now which is a big step. That gives mommy a little reprieve occasionally. Daddy stayed home with me on Thursday because mommy had a meeting for FFA. And my aunt Jessica came and stayed with me today for the whole day. We had a great time while mommy was working.

Here's to the weekend!! Talk to you soon...

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