Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Dig My Mom

This was a very restful day for me. Mommy and I went to baby class this afternoon and then I slept until almost 8PM!! I did wake up just enough to eat a couple bottles with daddy somewhere in between. I think I had mommy and daddy worried a bit that I was sleeping so much. They thought something was wrong. I just feel so much better after having that cold and was so exhausted that I slept right through the American Idol finale! I got a great bath though and now I am ready for bed!

G'pa Gary came and held me for a while yesterday while mommy was working on her paper. It was great to have him here helping her out and I just like to be held by him.

Don't you like my shirt? It says "I DIG MY MOM" daddy says that he digs my mom too!

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