Saturday, December 22, 2007


Well this is the start to a three-part Christmas Blog for me! We had our annual (everyone-else's-annual-up-to-this-year-and-now annual-for-me) Addington Bowling Extravaganza in Rochester. I thought all the lights were pretty cool and of course there was lots of action and people to pass me around.

Mommy and daddy both had strong showings on the lanes winning the couple's total grand prize. It was only slightly marred by mommy using an illegal six pound ball which was against lane policy for anyone over the age of ten. She claims that she was unaware of the sign boldly hanging above the ball racks. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are both making similar claims as to their sports achievement exploits...

Oh well, it was a fun time and I think I may roll a ball or two next year.

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