Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cold Weekend at Home

You may be laughing as hard as I am in this photo when you take a closer look at my hair! It's getting out of control!! I have the weird over-the-ears thing going on. I like to keep it combed back for the most part, but sometimes it gets a little wacky!!

You may also be able to see the bruise over my right eye...took the stair bannister square on the eyebrow yesterday while attempting to climb a technical 5.1 pitch on the first step. No big deal! You can also get a good peek at all my teeth. I have another one coming in right now too...that'll be #7.

It's been a cold, cold weekend here in Minnesota! The wind chills have been in the -40 range. Aunt Jessica came and hung out with me for a while last night while mommy and daddy went out for dinner. They had a good time and so did we! Other than that, I haven't gone outside too much!

Gma and Gpa Addington are in Hawaii right now...lucky!! It's probably pretty warm there! They get back Friday, so I will be anxious to see them!

I also put a couple new videos on MY VIDEO PAGE so feel free to check them out. I show off my quickness via the crawl pretty well!!

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