Sunday, February 17, 2008

Me and Sogn

Seems like I get to this only on Sundays lately! I am doing well and add a few more things to my repertoire each week. I can't be standing up enough lately. I will pull myself up on anything and everything that is close. I kind of pull myself along if that fixed object (ie couch) offers me some walking room!! I am also starting to really mimic sounds and words I am hearing. Daddy had me started on "ch, ch, ch, church" this morning. I really study what people are saying to me and then try it myself. As we were getting ready to go outside yesterday, mommy had me saying "c, c, c, coooolllddd"

Yesterday, I spent part of the day at the gym with daddy, then to the farm with Gma and Great Aunt Sue, then to Gma Carol's in Rochester, then back to the farm and then daddy came and got me after basketball. It was a fun day with LOTS of playing!!

Sogn really likes being close to me now as you can see. It has taken him a while, but he's really warmed up to me. I think it's because when I eat, he gets lots of dropped morsels that hit the floor! He is always right there to clean up!!

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