Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl

I am so glad that my mommy is home! She was gone since Wednesday in Indianapolis. I spent my week with daddy and my grandparents some too. Daddy and I had a great time, but barely survived without mommy!

As I have mentioned before, I really love technology like my daddy. In an effort to keep learning on that front, I grabbed the TV remote and hit rewind on the Tivo'd Sesame Street. I am now one of the youngest users of DVR service in America. The other night while playing with daddy's phone, I hit the one-touch calling button to dial up Gpa Gary. He promptly answered and until daddy heard his voice, didn't know it was me calling. I just wanted to have a little visit with him.

Today was Super Bowl Sunday and we went over to our friends Kurt and Cindy's house. My one-year old friend Addie Perkins and her mommy & daddy Alisha and Glen were there too. We had a great time eating and playing with lots of Addie's toys. They have a big hardwood floor that was fun to slide around on too!! Oh yeah, the Giants beat the Patriots in a game I will probably hear about when I get older as one of the biggest upsets ever!!

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