Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cork Mouth

Mommy and daddy have a big Red Wing crock full of wine corks. I am now tall enough to pull myself over the rim of it and reach down in and grab corks out. One of my favorite new spots in our house! There is a hint of a certain flavor on them too...can't quite identify it, but I am certain "it was a good year".

My other new trick is to blow out the light. Daddy taught me how to do it. It's really fun, but it only seems to work when mommy or daddy are around. I tried it from my crib when I was supposed to be napping and it didn't work.

I am excited that we are moving tomorrow. Well, not permanently but for a few weeks to Sogn Valley. Our good friends, the Maring's are going to Australia and we are going to housesit for them. It will be nice to be closer to work for daddy and Sogn will love being back on the farm!

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