Saturday, October 4, 2008

ESession - Nick+Rachael

Okay, it was an eventful morning here. Many of you know that we are due with baby#2 later in October, however the doctor said this last week that we are ready to go anytime. Well, anytime appeared to be this morning at say, 2AM!! Got ready to go and all but had the truck in drive heading out when things slowed down. Called doctor back and said to wait it out a bit.

That continued all morning and finally Leah said, "just go". Nothing is going to happen here.

Well that gave me a chance to get out on a great shoot with Nick and Rachael in Northfield. We had a wonderful little walk by the river in the morning light.

Got some amazing photographs.

I am so excited to shoot their wedding next summer...they love to smile, laugh and just be together!!

Enjoy the photos.

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