Friday, October 10, 2008

A Good Week.

Well we have sure had a great week at home! Lots of visitors and good food. Atleast that what mommy and daddy keep saying! I am pretty much sticking to my usual, nursing! And I do it about every 90 minutes especially during the night. I can't figure out why no one wants to be up and playing when I am ready! Oh well, things will change.

Cameron has been a great big brother and he loves to be around me. I can always hear him saying, "baby, baby". When he wakes up in the morning and from his nap, he comes into check on me FIRST THING! Daddy put a little step stool next to my crib so Cameron can see in. He also really likes to give me kisses and gently touch my head. He is also taking a liking to my bouncy chair. He's a little big for it, but it's still pretty funny. He found my nook today too, but that didn't last very long!!

Sogn has been a great dog this time around too, except for a little skunk spray today. He is going to spend a couple nights in the basement!!

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