Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome To Our World, Emerson!!

The day finally arrived. We left home at 3:26AM, dropped Cameron off on hwy52 with G'ma and G'pa and headed up to Fairview Ridges Hospital in Burnsville.

We checked in about 4:45AM and got settled. Contractions had slowed a bit and doctors just wanted to keep an eye on mommy. By about 9:30, things were moving along, though contractions still weren't really strong or frequent. At about 9:55, the doctor said let's try pushing...two pushes and here I was!!

I spent a good portion of the first hour screaming and letting everyone know that I was here. I weighed 5 lbs 15oz and was 19" long. I had a little bit of blonde hair, long fingers and big hands. I was the 42nd baby born at Ridges in the month of October already!

They moved us down to our room and played the little piano chime as we left the labor and delivery ward. We got settled into our room and life was good. I got my first bath and they kept me under that nice warm lamp for a while.

We had some visitors stop and see me which was great.

Lisa and Megan Schwanke

The Bakke Twins, Kate and Annika along with mom & dad Aimee and Jason
Cindy & Kurt Weber

Alicia & Glen Perkins

And of course my grandmas and grandpas. They were very proud and
enjoyed meeting me. On the Schliep side, I am the first girl grandchild so they get to start keeping an eye out for dresses, dolls and stuff like that!!

Then Aunt Amy, cousin Brynn and grandpa Gary and grandma Carol stopped by too. They brought my big brother Cameron along too. He usually writes this blog but he said that he would let me have a shot as it is the day I was born!! He was more into the tractor toys that Kurt, Cindy, Glen and Alicia brought. But then he kind of came up and sat with me and even gave me a little kiss. He is going to be a great big brother and I can't wait to grow up with him!!

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