Friday, May 1, 2009

Food Plot - Lime

In order to raise the pH level a bit on the soil, I had Al Hernke come by today with his lime truck. The pH is about 5.7 currently and ideally it would be around 7 which is perfectly neutral. Al spread about 10 ton on about 3.5 acres for me today.

It was really neat how the grass had started to grow back a bit now after our burn. Still very desolate, but it will grow quickly now with the good rains we've had.

My plan is to disc the field good a couple times in the coming days and then dig it to smooth out the soil a bit before planting. I would like to have some seed in the ground by next weekend.

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Pithy Liz said...

Good ol'Minnesota...I forgot not everyone is on the same schedule when it comes to gardens (or fields, in your case), I planted my garden over a month ago...