Monday, May 4, 2009

Sarah & Brian's Wedding

Just had an absolutely great day with Sarah and Brian Saturday. Both of them were former students and was a great reunion of old friends for me especially. There were a lot of kids that I hadn't seen in years and was such a great time to catch up.

The ceremony was at Dale Lutheran east of Kenyon, MN and the reception was at the Northfield Ballroom. We spent a little time in between walking down by the river in Northfield. It was a bluebird day and the sun was warm on our faces all day. A little on the windy side, but great nonetheless.

The ceremony was one with heavy hearts as Brian's brother Matt died only a month or so ago. It was a great tribute to him to hold his spot in the wedding party and many wonderful words were shared about his life. Both Sarah and Brian and their friends and families have endured the pain of losing loved ones unexpectedly. This day was a great celebration of those lives as well...really awesome!

From a technical standpoint, this was one of my more frustrating days shooting. My camera strap got hooked on a pew as I was setting up the large group shots in the church and 40D, 24-70L and Pocketwizard went flying. All in slow motion as $$ signs are flashing in my eyes!! Fortunately it landed on the lens hood and the only damage was a little scuff and a broken base the PW. I can glue that. Then my 10-22EF lens focus ring is a little on the fritz. Sometimes working, sometimes not. Between those two things, I was thinking more about my equipment than usual which was really distracting for me. It made me realize how important good and reliable equipment is and how fortunate I have been. Regardless of my own distraction, we got some great shots.

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