Thursday, May 7, 2009

Food Plot - Planting 1

I have had the opportunity to get out the past couple evenings and get some seed in the ground on the food plot. What a good feeling to use your hands and hopefully see this growing process happen over the coming months. Cameron and I first went out in Maring's big John Deere tractor with the digger and worked the ground up a little more. We went home and got the four wheeler with the cultipacker and headed back out to roll the ground some. After doing that, I planted about 1/2 acre of Antler King's Red Zone. This was in the northwest corner of the field. Cultipacked again on top of it and rode home.

Yesterday, Cameron and I went out and planted 14 test plots with a variety of Antler King and Whitetail Institute products. This was again about a total of 1/2 acre. We'll see what come of those different seeds and what I might do different next year from the results.

The best part of the planting came at 9:15 last night when I went back out to cultipack that plot and then planted another 1/2 acre of Whitetail Institute's Double Cross. It was just getting dark and it was so quiet out there. It really made me think ahead to this fall and hopefully a lot of quiet evenings will be had sitting on the edge of the plot watching deer.

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