Friday, September 7, 2007


In last minute fashion, one of my best friends, Steve Sviggum asked me to shoot a "small event" on Friday night for him because his staff at the Minnesota State Capitol didn't have a photographer lined up.

The little event was actually a wonderful evening in tribute to Steve and his 28 years of service to the Minnesota State Legistlature. Steve was one of only two people in state history to serve as Speaker of the House for 8 years. Over 450 people attended the event including Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, US Senator Norm Coleman, media mogul Stanley Hubbard, William Pillsbury and several other supreme court justices and legistlators.

It was a great evening to pay tribute to Steve and his service to the State of Minnesota. Though so many of the attendees held positions of high profile, it was amazing to hear them all speak simply of Steve's friendship. Amidst all of the dignitaries in the room, Steve was most proud of his family that joined him.

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