Sunday, September 23, 2007


Had a great time with Derek down in Fountain, MN. It was a really, really windy day and I have found that people with shaved heads are the easiest to photograph on windy days!! Derek didn't fit that hairstyle, but we still got some good shots. We did a number of shots in his garage that they are in the process of building right now. Had kind of a dusty, dirty feel to it. Nice for the contrasting feel of a stark b/w photo.

We also hiked through some tall weeds to an abandoned barn and corn crib to get a few mosquito infested shots! Derek's mom Barb was a real trooper making the hike with shorts and flip flops on. One of the best discoveries was Derek's spur of the moment idea to check out an old culvert he used to play in. In addition to some good light and no wind, it will have a personal connection for Derek. That is the goal with any portrait - capturing the person for who they really are.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon for a nice drive through southeastern Minnesota. Derek's unprocessed gallery is HERE if you want to check out the whole shooting match!

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