Thursday, September 27, 2007


Another unique shoot for me today. My first time on the runway at an airport for sure! Tyler is really into gliding so we met at the airport to do the first part of his shoot there. It was awesome. Right when we arrived a glider came in a landed close to was magical to see something so huge slip in so quietly. I can't imagine how peaceful it would be to be 3000 feet in the air sitting in the quiet of one of these elegant gliders.

Shot much of this part of the session with a 10-22mm Canon lens. There was just this incredible need to capture as much of the glider as possible. I feel like we got a good combination of Tyler and the glider. Not like your typical photo shoot prop, that's for sure!

The only other prop we used was Tyler's dad's 1967 Fender Stratocaster. A real beauty that any guitar player like me would really appreciate!

Tyler had a great smile and was proud to show it off as he had just gotten his braces removed a couple weeks ago! The rest of Tyler's unprocessed gallery is HERE if you want to see some more!

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