Friday, September 14, 2007

First Football Game

Here I am at my first football game!! It would have been a really good time if I could have seen out of my snowsuit! Once I got all bundled up and warm, it was just so hard to stay awake. We watched Uncle Kevin's Mayo team whoop up on Faribault 40-20. They started a bit slow, but got it going late.

It was a gorgeous weekend. We stayed at Gma & Gpa Addington's and had lots of fun. Daddy and Gpa did a little bowhunting and I stayed with Gma and just kept rolling over ! I can kind of spin around a little bit too. Not too long and you won't be able to look away from me!

We also went to my cousin Wyatt's baptism at Grace Lutheran in Goodhue on Sunday. I tried talking to him while he was up in front of the church. He was crying and I was just trying to console him! He and I will be quite a pair in a couple years.

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