Monday, June 16, 2008

Hans & Rachel

What a weekend it was. You know, I have been blessed to shoot weddings on many, many weekends with some awesome people. I am truly humbled that couples trust me to capture the monumental moments in their lives. I know I say that over and over, but it is so true. I got to spend the whole weekend with Hans and Rachel and capture some of those moments for them.

This was a unique event for me. Rachel and my sister, Amy are best friends since elementary school. So I have known Rachel and the Schwingler family for many years. They are some of the most kindhearted people you will ever meet. The Sviggum family has been like my surrogate family for many years. They were there n Kenyon the day I took my first job out of college and took me in as a part of the family from day one. I had the pleasure of teaching and coaching Hans and his brother Erik and sister Marit. I even lived in their farm house for four years while I was in Kenyon the first time around. This is a special, special family to me. Though Steve was the MN Speaker of the House for several years and currently is the Commissioner of Labor and Industry, he is just one of the big Sviggum family that has embraced me.

Okay, wipe away your tears. That was all pretty emotional. Whatever!! Back to my first statement...what a weekend it was! It was the celebration of an intelligent, loving, faithful, commited, hard-working couple coming together. Hans and Rachel met at Gustavus, went their separate ways to medical school and dental school, but will spend a lifetime together now.

We got some absolutely great photos. It was a beautiful weekend weather-wise and so many great friends and family came together for this celebration. The wedding was at my parents' home church in Rochester and the reception was at a golf course in Stewartville. Don't forget to check out the Groom's Dinner photos from Friday night in the Sviggum shed! We stopped at the Plummer House in Rochester and got some great shots on the way to the reception as well.

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