Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Up North

What a little adventure I had on my hands the other night!! Mommy, daddy, Sogn and I headed north for SGLC at Deep Portage near Hackensack. We got there and unloaded and then daddy and I took Sogn up to Deer Lake where Gma and Gpa are for a few weeks. It was a great night and I went right down on the sand and started playing. I just loved the sand and water. Even in this sequence of photos, I was trying out the sand...just for the record...doesn't taste too good!!

We stayed the night at the cabin. We went for a boatride and sat on the swing for quite a while!! It was a great time. We went back to Deep Portage and it was great to see mommy. We are all headed back to Deer Lake next week. Daddy and I were walking outside last night and saw a deer. She was just walking around and eating. We snuck around this corner and she walked right by us. I kept saying, "buck, buck, buck". Daddy was very proud of me!

We even all wore our new Crocs when we went on a walk in the woods. It was a great walk, but the mosquitoes were really bad! I got a couple bites, but I really don't even know what's happening. Mommy and daddy keep a good eye on me!

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