Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ecology Class Turkey Chasing 1.0

I joined Rich Kincaid and his KWHS Ecology class for part of their turkey unit this spring. Rich and I have chased turkeys together for many years and this was a fun morning.

We met the kids in Sogn Valley about 5:15AM and headed out to some blinds that I had put out yesterday afternoon. We were setup on the top of a pasture between two stands of timber that typically hold roosting birds. We had a total of eight kids along today. Rich and I stuck out decoys including Rich's new Pretty Boy setup.

We were in the blinds by about 5:35 and heard our first gobble real early at 5:42. It was a couple ridges over, but it sparked the morning conversation! There were lots and lots of gobbles for the next 30-45 minutes before the birds hit the ground. None of them were in the timber close to us as we had hoped.

We called hard until about 7:30AM hoping to lure a few of those lonely gobblers over our way. No such luck.

Like it typically does, it got a little colder once the sun came up and the students got a little restless. We were on our way to the trucks by about 7:35.

Rich and I are taking another group of kids tomorrow (Thursday) and we are considering moving the blinds to a spot that will be more in the heart of the roost.

Here is a little video footage.

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