Monday, April 20, 2009

One Strange Morning

A beautiful, foggy morning in the valley this morning. I love mornings like that where the sun is kind of peering through the fog. It creates such a surreal light around you.

Here's the story...I am going to take Cameron and Emerson up to our friend Colleen's house up the valley about 10 miles. We're driving down the highway as Cameron sings and points out every tree, barn, tractor, cow and silo that he sees. The fog is such that I can see ahead about 5 yellow dashes ahead. As we come around a corner, here is what I encounter:

A blind man walking on the shoulder of the road.

In the fog.

Black glasses.

White walking cane.

Neon green, reflective jacket (obviously an intentional walk).

Is this just me or is this a strange, strange thing? Not enough that a blind person is walking...on the highway, but in the fog?? I just felt like I was thrust into some sort of crazy social experiment! I don't intend to make fun of the person being blind, but just couldn't get over the irony of what I encountered.

On a totally unrelated note, here is a cool HDR (high dynamic range) photo that I created from three different exposures from Kamel and Amanda's wedding this weekend. HDR is created by overexposing one shot, underexposing one and correct exposure "mashed" into one image that creates the ultimate in range of tones, values, shadows and highlights. I creates almost a surreal, illustrative effect to the photo.

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Pithy Liz said...

That church is so incredible...I'd love to get married at a place like that!