Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kamel & Amanda's Wedding

What a wonderful day with Amanda and Kamel in Albert Lea, MN. It was a beautiful setting at First Lutheran Church and the day was a great one. It started to drizzle a bit towards late afternoon which put a damper on our outdoor, post-ceremony shots, but a great time nonetheless.

And yes, that is a photographer's shoot through umbrella that the couple is using in the rain. A functional, yet nice accent with the dreary weather!!



K&C AMMONS said...
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K&C AMMONS said...

The first comment that was made by K&C was a computer error. There were two sites open at the same time so part of the message was missing. So Please delete the first comment and post this one.

This was one of the most beautiful setting and wedding that I have seen in a long time. Outstanding Photography work! God Bless all of you who help make their wedding a special one.