Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ecology Class Turkey Chasing 2.0

Had another great morning in the valley today. Last night I moved our blinds to a different spot more in "the bedroom" of where I thought the gobblers would be. In fact, watched a few toms head into there last night. Good choice. We were right in the thick of it this morning.

We met about 5:20AM again and headed out. Got the kids into blinds, got decoys set up, camera on the tripod and we were set.

Heard quite a bit of gobbling again across the top of the ridge to the north starting at about 5:45. So much chatter in fact, that I was a little bummed that we again weren't in the middle of the action. Just about then, at about 5:52 they started hammering right up the draw from us. And they went crazy for about 20 minutes. There were two or three of them on the roost there.

Rich and I called for most of that time. I did a mock flydown with my hat at about 6:15AM. Within minutes, those birds were also on the ground. We had one tom on his way. He came down the ridge and got to the barbwire fence and hung up at 97.5 yards (according to the rangefinder). Stayed there for a few minutes, strutted and started back up the ridge.

We hollered at him quite a bit, but he didn't like what he saw. I keep thinking about that fence...maybe he just didn't want to cross it. We also had that Pretty Boy tom decoy out there and maybe he was a little intimidated? Who knows. Either way, it was a fun morning and great to have the kids in the midst of all that action.

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Jack Aronson said...

I wish this class was available 10 years ago.
Good work getting kids interested in the outdoors.